Top reasons why WordPress is the best solution for your business website

If you’re still new to the world of blogging and websites, you may have heard of WordPress and might be wondering what WordPress is. Your business needs a new website or redesign your current website and someone might suggest WordPress but you’ve got some doubts or you don’t know anything about it. My question is: Can WordPress CMS really handle your business requirements?

WordPress is a publishing platform used for building websites and blogs. It powers millions of websites worldwide, and many big brands use WordPress.

WordPress is the top ranking CMS and takes about 60% of all websites with a Content Management System (CMS) are built on WordPress.

WordPress started out as a blogging platform. It has now grown up to become a robust CMS trusted by some of the biggest enterprises and eCommerce websites in the world.  It is trusted by many enterprise companies such as Sony, eBay, Facebook and The New York Times.

Open-source software

WordPress is open-source. Open-source means any developer can modify and enhance the code, which is then comprehensively peer-reviewed by a dedicated community of developers. People around the world are working on and improving WordPress in order to add to its greatness.

Quarterly updates with new features, fixed bugs and improved security as standard. With WordPress, all of this comes completely free to your business.

Most web designers, web developers, and users praise WordPress for its ease-of-use, hence why it’s become so popular, and its growth just keeps on accelerating.

User-friendly and easy to use

You do not need to be an expert to use WordPress. Even if you are not a professional programmer you can easily run your website. Updating pages and/or blog posts on WordPress is literally as easy as editing a Word document – you don’t have to be a web designer to update your content. That is the magic of WordPress!

WordPress offers a backend administrator interface that’s visually easy to navigate and very effective. Everything is organised in a logical manner, so it’s easy to find what you are looking for, such as editing a page, editing a blog post/article, uploading images, managing users, etc.

WordPress is secure

Being open source, WordPress has a comprehensively peer-reviewed source code. This means that vulnerabilities and breaches are discovered sooner rather than later and fixed quickly. Most of the security issues that arise with WordPress are because of bad or poorly developed plugins and not practising good security protocols.

Great SEO

WordPress out of the box is an excellent platform for SEO. Keywords in URLs, automatic generation of sitemaps, page keyword analysis, RSS feeds, breadcrumbs, social integration, multi-language and multi-site are handled gracefully.

SEO is a key ingredient of any successful marketing and inbound strategy and WordPress is the right partner.

Responsive Web Design

Nowadays almost half of users prefer surfing on the internet using mobile devices so it’s a must have to make your website looking comprehensible on every screen. A WordPress website will display correctly on different devices.

WordPress is good for creating a blog and website

WordPress used to be known primarily as a blogging platform, and it remains the best solution to use for blog, however it has come a long way and has become a very comprehensive Content Management Suite used to power many different types of websites, including business sites, job boards, sites featuring classified ads, etc. It is extremely very flexible, adaptable, and if a specific feature or features that are not built-in are needed by a user, there are many plugins available to enhance WordPress’ functionality, so there is likely solution already developed for that need – the possibilities are literally limitless.

WordPress is Flexible

WordPress allows you to customise your page both visually (by using themes) and functionally ( by using plugins).

The great variety of design is available for free or in a premium version on ThemeForest as well as a huge number of ready-made plugins to meet your needs.


WordPress is free, easy to use and customise, SEO friendly and secure platform. That’s why it is so popular. WordPress is the best Content Management System to use to build your business website.

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