Social Media Marketing

Facebook Page Organic Reach Has Declined

The common variety of engagements with Facebook posts created by brands and publishers has fallen by over 200th since Jan 2017.Analyzed over 880 million Facebook posts from the publisher and whole Pages over the past year, noting a transparent decline in engagements since early 2017.Organic reach on Facebook has been in decline since late 2013, in step with various reports, with continual changes to the News Feed algorithm re-aligning the priority of what users see. Facebook Newsfeed Indeed, within the past year, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm has seen a variety of updates that......

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Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites in order to raise awareness, connect with the audience and promote products or services. Most of the social media platforms have the built-in data analytics tools. These tools enable businesses to track engagement, performance and success. Businesses use social media marketing to connect with current and potential customers, employees and the audience in general. Businesses can use social media marketing effectively by providing quality and useful content, and engaging with their audience. You can further reach more customers using social media......

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